Come on out and see us in person.  We always like to meet new PHriends….

What is a parrot head?

A Parrot Head is a fan of the singer Jimmy Buffett and the relaxed tropical lifestyle that his music embodies. Parrot Heads gather together to enjoy tropical music, meet new people, have cold beverages, wear tropical garb, and generally have lots of fun.

More importantly, the clubs motto is: “Party with a Purpose”…  While having fun, we also provide charity and services for the community, through fundraising, ecological work, and other volunteering.  The Northern Landsharks PHC is associated with Parrot Heads in Paradise and this association brings us in touch with the 250+ parrot head clubs the world over.  Any place that a parrot head club exists, presents the opportunity to have fun and meet some great like minded people.

Becoming a member of this or any other Parrot Head Club is much more than just filling out an application form. Membership is about continuous participation in club events and activities, and interaction with other members of the club.

The Northern Landsharks offer a wide variety of events during the course of the year to encourage members, to get directly involved and get to know many of the other members. Any Parrot Head Club derives its strength and relevance from the direct participation of its members.

Typically, club members come from a variety of backgrounds. Most are professionals, with an average age range between the mid-twenties and mid-fifties. Although membership numbers vary greatly from club to club, from all accounts, clubs have an average membership of 150. The real beauty of the clubs is that they seem to attract exactly the right kind of people – people who, through their attraction to Jimmy Buffett’s music also have a number of other interests in common, most importantly the desire to give something back to the community in which they live.

(Excerpts from PHIP.com)


How Did We Get Named “Parrot Heads”?

According to Wikipedia, the term “Parrot Head” was originally coined by Timothy B. Schmit, now a member of The Eagles, but formerly a member of the Coral Reefer Band back in 1985. That year, at a Cincinnati concert, Jimmy Buffett had noticed that fans with tropical apparel kept repeatedly coming to his concerts, in the same way that “Deadheads” kept coming to “The Grateful Dead” concerts. Schmit had described those fans as “Parrot Heads”. Apparently, the term caught on.

Source: Wikipedia: “Parrothead”


We are not Parrot Heads because we like Jimmy Buffett…

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We have a love of the water, animals and our planet

  • We have a love of being out and about in the sun

  • We love to have fun

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We are not afraid to be silly

  • We are not afraid to act foolish

  • We are not afraid to help those in need

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We believe the best things in life cannot be bought

  • We believe sharing the best things makes them better

  • We believe in the innate goodness in all of us

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We know shared joy is increased

  • We know shared pain is lessened

  • We know a good friend has value beyond measure

… AND, coincidentally, Jimmy Buffett sings about all of these things…
So, we are not Parrot Heads because we like Jimmy Buffett…

We like Jimmy Buffett because we are Parrot Heads!