Membership In the Northern Landsharks


Join us for the best time EVER!

We have  2 types of membership…

(To apply, click below on the type of membership that best suits your needs.)

  1. Individual memberships
  2. Family memberships
(Family membership is considered to be 2 adults (over 18) plus parakeets (children under 18) residing in the same main household.)

contact us for more information.


The club is growing, expanding and is very open to most* ideas.

(* I mean, let’s face it…. we do have some stories on the coconut telegraph as A result of some of our ideas…
after all… “We are the people your parents warned us about”)


And You may not realize it yet, but you are a Parrot Head.

Especially if you:

  • Have a love of the water, animals and our planet
  • Have a love of being out and about in the sun

  • Love to have fun

  • Believe the best things in life cannot be bought

  • Believe sharing the best things makes them better

  • Believe in the innate goodness in all of us

  • Know shared joy is increased

  • Know shared pain is lessened

  • Know a good friend has value beyond measure

  • Love vacationing in the islands

  • Like Jimmy Buffett’s music, books, casinos, restaurants, and life story

Or if you are:

  • Not afraid to be silly

  • Not afraid to act foolish

  • Not afraid to help those in need

  • Living in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec and want/need a purpose to party

Then we are like you. We would like to join forces with you and

party with a purpose!